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Dear Reader,

16 January 2020

Representing fifty-six thousand proud citizens I can tell you, we like living in Eger, because country-building initiative of king St.Steven is pulpable here. We like living in Eger, because the remarkable victory over the Turkish army in 1552 is ours. Ours is the rich heritage of captain Dobó, the defenders of the border, the heroic women of Eger, and at the same time ours is the marvellous atmosphere resembling also Turkish times and also the treasures of the thermal baths. We like living in Eger because ours is the heritage of town-developer, wise bishops and several masterpieces of Baroque era. And naturally we like living in the town of hillslopes, valleys and cellars since together with our beloved ones,  friends it is a great experience to taste masterpieces of famous winemakers of Eger: Bull's Blood and its white companion, Star of Eger.


We all share the story of Eger, we like, enjoy its variety. It is our previlege and noble  responsibility to  shape present of the historic city and build its future on its values and thousand-year traditions.



Dear Tourist,


Eger belongs to everybody, also to you if you are attracted by this "tale-town". It belongs to anybody who comes open-minded to the home of patriotism, heroic persistance. Eger belongs to everybody, who has been fascinated by our historic heroes who have been made immortal by the novel of Géza Gárdonyi: Stars of Eger. Eger belongs to everybody who likes legends, yet would like to get recreation, peace and quiet during his holiday.

Our town belongs to everybody who is ready to visit, experience beauty and Eger welcomes back everybody who is happy to wonder in the world of arts, various eras and wines.


Writer Sándor Márai who Eger was very dear to wrote the following: "This town was not created by power and mass, but by taste and soul."


We are convinced that really great stories are written through experiences, and Eger is full of stories. Since our slogan is " EGER - share our story " - I ask you that having browsed on the internet visit us personally and feel at home in our town!  Experience and take with you as much as possible nice stories about the warriors, a city walk, a pleasant massage, a nice glass of wine or a really well-taken photo of Eger!


Until then I wish you nice browsing:


László Habis


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